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We are EWOUR Waste Management, a company that has its heart in sustainability. We believe in using unorthodox but highly effective approaches, such as data center services. The era we are living in is guided by technology and digitalization, where data centers play a critical role. In India, as more businesses adopt digital technologies, they are increasingly becoming aware of the fact that they need reliable, secure, and effective data center services. At EWOUR, we recognize the same. Especially the importance of data centers in making business operations possible and ensuring communication and innovation happen. That’s why, in this brief summary, we look at why Indian businesses need data centers; the functions of these facilities. India’s standards on infrastructure for data centers, different types of data centers, and the numerous advantages they offer. Come along with us into the world of data center services, let us show you how we can help steer your business towards its objectives through harnessing the power of data at EWOUR Waste Management.



We live in a world where businesses need to thrive with the help of their ability to collect, analyse, and leverage information that exists and flows in the form of data. However, to achieve this target, there is a need to overcome critical challenges such as ensuring information security, accessibility, and efficient management. We help you satisfy this particular need by offering world-class services for data centres for the same, which we have designed to handle all types of client requirements.



Data Center services

Why Do Indian Businesses Need Data Centers

There are several reasons why Indian businesses need technologically advanced data centers, and they are nothing but boons for them.  To understand this all more deeply, you need to analyse many important factors like data security, scalability, and innovation, along with supporting digital procedures and operations in a competitive market environment.

Digital Transformation:

Indian businesses are embracing the digital revolution like a duck takes to water. This revolution has already gained momentum, and they are opting for cloud computing, big data analytics, and IoT, along with other technologies that help them run their systems smoothly: to improve customer experiences, and also edge out others in the market.

Business Continuity:

The data centers play a pivotal role as they form the core support system for these digital ventures, offering all necessary facilities and manpower resources that will enable organizations to handle huge volumes of data both effectively (in terms of processing) and safely (in terms of security). Disaster recovery the role of data centers in disaster recovery and business continuity is very important. This includes redundant infrastructure plus backup systems as well as failover mechanisms that enable downtime and data loss caused by hardware failures or natural disasters to be minimized, if not avoided, altogether. With reliable data center services, Indian business organizations will be able to ensure the continued operation of their critical business assets and protect them from unforeseen disruptions.

Scalability and Flexibility:

Indian businesses are highly competitive and dynamic in nature, and they offer different challenges when it comes to making them grow. They also present different types of challenges that cannot be categorized into a few categories; therefore, operational hurdles and related challenges are different for each one of them. These include the adoption of resource pooling, virtualization technologies, and cloud computing mechanisms through which organizations can easily mold and enhance their operational dimensions without incurring significant costs.

Data Centre Services Tailored to Your Needs

Proposal For Data Center Services


We understand that every business looking for unique IT requirements, especially solutions for data centers, does not need one size; it’s an all-solutions approach. And this is what we offer to our clients via our reliable data center services. We make sure that you get to choose the option that aligns best with your specific goals and requirements. 


World-Class Data Center Services

Explore our comprehensive data center services for scalable infrastructure, enhanced security, and uninterrupted operations, ensuring optimal performance and reliability for your business needs.


Data destruction services: Privacy and security are non-negotiable aspects of business and should be a top priority when it comes to handling data. Our company offers on-site data destruction services, which can give you complete peace of mind. Certified technicians and trustworthy methods ensure that your data on hard discs, SSDs, or other mediums of storage is shredded and destroyed completely and verifiably. The solutions have been created so that they meet the strictest data security revolutions, meeting compliance while saving the organisation from any potential data breach.


Asset Disposition & Data Recovery: At EWOUR we are responsible for providing asset disposition services, which we do thoroughly and professionally. Our secure and eco-friendly asset disposition solution comprises a complete process where you don’t have to worry about anything. You can rely on our team for secure data recovery, data whipping, hardware recycling, and responsible disposal of equipment that is of no use or retired in your organisation. This will not only help you with the maintenance of your data privacy and security but also minimise your company’s environmental impact and ensure regulatory compliance.


Meet India’s Infrastructure Standards and Compliance


With its huge digital economy, India is witnessing growth in data consumption, e-commerce, and social media use everywhere. Companies and platforms driving this growth will always require robust data centers, which provide dedicated space for a variety of needs, such as computing, networking, collection, storage, processing, and distribution of waste data. 


Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Standard: India is focused on creating energy-efficient data center, and for this purpose, the Energy Conservation Building Code (ECBC) provides guidelines for designing and constructing energy-efficient buildings, including data centers. Meeting these standards ensures that environmental responsibility and optimal resource utilization happen as per the set perimeters.


Security and Resilience Standards: It is mandatory that data centers meet stringent security protocols laid out by national or state-level governments. For example, it promotes the concept of designing reliable and efficient data centers. The data centers must adhere to stringent security protocols, and the Telecommunications Industry Association’s TIA-942 standard exists for the same. It also ensures that security standards in terms of safety protocols are met. 

Data Residency and Compliance: India’s regulatory compliance demands a data-regency business country. Simply put, businesses must store sensitive data locally, and compliance with this requirement is crucial for businesses operating in India. 


How Do We Assist You in Meeting Standards and Compliance?


As a trustworthy data service provider, we help our flights meet these standards by 


Secure Data Destruction: We offer secure data destruction, through which sensitive data always remains confidential. Moreover, we comply with industry standards such as NIST and DoD Triple Pass Overwrite.
Disaster Recovery Service: Our disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) ensures resilience for application data infrastructure. It means your business will continue running and scaling even when you encounter unexpected events and challenges. Our data recovery service complements it, which is really helpful in case you want sensitive and critical data to be retrieved or wiped away in a secure manner that meets compliance. 


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