We Provide Commercial Waste Disposal For A Range Of Industries

Ewour Provides Safe And Reliable Waste Collection!

We have a range of waste disposal services to suit your needs and get your waste removed, from demolition waste to construction we have it covered.

Corporate Services

Guaranteed that all of your universal waste management is performed safely and responsibly.

Convenient Pickup

We offer business pickup services to safely recycle your electronics in a safe manner.

E-waste Events

We work with non-profits, businesses, and other organizations to host community e-waste events.

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Welcome to Ewour Waste Management

Ewour Waste Management And Its Professionals To Provide Tailored Recycling Solutions For Waste Electrical And Electronic Equipment Our Core Activities Combine State-Of-The-Art Technology With In-Depth Knowledge OF Environment And Waste Management Techniques To Provide Reuse Solutions And End Recovery Of Precious Metals From ELectronic Wastes Ewour thrive for eco friendly recycling and reuse of electronic wastes. It is about time that we become meticulous towards waste management and Earth conservation. Ewour joins millions of hands across the nation working in line with the E- waste rules 2016 along with The Swachh bharat initiative to envision and make India a cleaner and greener nation.

Safe & Trusted Waste Collection Services

Devoted & Trustworthy waste collection services

Hard Drive, Flash Drive & SSD Destruction

Clients can simply schedule their hard drive destruction online and through our website.

Electronic Waste Collection & Recycling

Users quickly replace their electronic devices with newer, faster & stronger gadgets on the market.

Electronics & Computer Resale

Buyers are welcome to leave their best offer on available electronic products.

Safe & Trusted Waste Collection Services

Evour Provide Safe Trusted And Reliable Waste Collection

Our firm strives to eliminate the urban plague of e-waste pollution. We have designed and manifested this startup to efficiently support EEE manufacturers, producers as well as relevant businesses that need e-waste and plastic recycling and management solutions. Our robust processes includes dismantling of electronics waste in a highly secured plant, with well-equipped machinery and cutting-edge technology.




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Frequently Asked Questions

Ewour Waste Management accepts a wide range of electronic waste, including old computers, laptops, mobile phones, printers, and more.

Ewour Waste Management utilizes state-of-the-art technology and follows strict environmental guidelines to ensure responsible recycling and the recovery of precious metals from electronic waste.

Yes, both individuals and businesses can benefit from Ewour’s tailored recycling solutions, contributing to a cleaner environment while responsibly managing their electronic waste.


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Safe & Trusted Waste Collection Services

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Satisfied & Happy Clients


Satisfied & Happy Clients


Satisfied & Happy Clients

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