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In the race to be ahead in terms of technology and innovation in product innovation and creation, we have continuously compromised our planet’s health. Products made of plastic, polythene, and other hard-to-destroy materials are continuously posing a challenge to our planet, and one big issue because of the threats that they pose to our planet and environment is waste management.

One of the best ways to deal with the problem of poor waste management that is harmful to the environment is to adopt responsible waste management practices. At EWOUR, we offer world-class sustainable waste management solutions and procedures. We firmly believe that saving the planet is a responsibility of great value and should not be taken lightly because our future generation needs this planet to be in good health, and we cannot compromise on it. 

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EWOUR offers efficient waste management and modern recycling technology and processes to individuals and commercial entities, and here is an overview of the whole process:

Collection: The first step of e-waste management begins with the collection of material that can be recycled without causing too much hassle. The collection happens with the help of pre-scheduled pick-ups with house owners in societies and commercial entities.

Sorting: In this step, we perform the sorting of collected waste materials and goods using automatic systems and processes. Our company efficiently uses advanced technologies and specialized equipment to bring them into a state that allows them to be easily recycled. For this purpose only, there are different procedures that are put to use, such as shredding, plumping, or melting.

Recycling: This is a step in a process where you’re collecting sorted material that is recycled using revolutionary techniques so that it can come back into the business it was sourced from and help them get some more financial benefits out of it. The recycled outcome can be in the form of new products or raw materials that can be used in manufacturing again.

Distribution: After the step of recycling, the process of distribution begins, which means distributing the products back to consumers or companies, which completes the 360-degree cycle of e-waste management.

What do we recycle?

We are not limited to a particular category of clients or products, as we know the issue of waste management and recycling needs to expand to multiple types of sources to make an impact. The following information will help you understand our clients and sources of waste collection.

Household Waste:- The first source to collect waste materials such as plastic, paper, glass, and thrown-away electronic and electrical goods are residents. We arrange for curbside, hassle-free pickup for homeowners in societies and colonies.

Commercial Clients:-  These include businesses, organizations, schools, institutions, and any other commercial entity from which we can collect waste materials for recycling. By choosing EWOUR, these entities can decrease their carbon footprint and make contributions to the environment.

E-Waste Collection:- This is one of our most pressing concerns but also one of our main areas of expertise. Electronic waste, such as computers, laptops, and mobile phone storage devices, is discarded in large quantities when businesses want to eliminate or upgrade old devices. We collect and recycle them in such a way that their owners (customers or manufacturers/dealers) adhere to government environmental regulations and contribute to the environment simultaneously.

Organic Waste:- EWOUR also offers the service to those clients who want to recycle organic waste. We collect such waste and recycle it into biogas, fertilizers, or compost so that it can be recycled into something useful to help the environment while at the same time decreasing the burden on landfills.

Other types of products:- Apart from usual products like plastic, organic waste, and e-waste, we also offer services for other products like construction materials, batteries, tires, textiles, etc., so sourcing -waste, materials, and products for recycling is done from various sources.

Together, we can make a difference and create a world where waste is no longer seen as a problem but as a valuable resource to be reused, recycled, and repurposed for the benefit of all. Contact us today to learn more about our recycling services and how you can contribute to a cleaner, healthier planet with Ewour Waste Management.


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