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Ewour Waste Management was founded by Mr. Ravi Choudahsary, an advocate for environmental sustainability. Its experts tailor recycling solutions for Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment— blending advanced technology with environmental and waste management best practices to achieve reuse results. Not forgetting the recovery of precious metals from electronic waste, Ewour advocates eco-friendly recycling and reusing of such materials. Let’s all be mindful of our waste practices and, in turn, pledge allegiance to Mother Earth. Ewour is part of a larger national campaign working under the E-Waste Rules 2016 as well as the Swachh Bharat initiative towards making India cleaner and greener through reverse logistics implementation for e-waste recycling.

We intend to keep our mission and values around our central goal, which is to promote sustainability and environmental protection with the help of efficient waste management.

Mr. Ravi Choudhary is a visionary man, and his firm is dedicated to supporting the Swach Bharat Movement. Amongst the various other malpractices of pollution, e-waste management is identified as one of the most detrimental, yet few corporations seem interested in addressing this issue.


We believe in bringing revolutionary innovation to waste management solutions by encouraging sustainability and environmental protection in the whole effort with the help of community engagement and using modern recycling and resource recovery methods.

Our core values stand on three pillars, which are

● Innovation

● Integrity

● Collaboration.

As mentioned, we encourage innovation and use modern resources to make waste management an easy and stress-free process. Here, integrity means that while offering our services to any business or person, we must follow ethical principles like honesty, transparency, and accountability.

If you talk about the last element of our values, it is collaboration. We understand that this is a long and difficult battle in which we need the collaboration and partnership of others. The company is committed to joining hands with anyone who helps us achieve our aim of efficient waste management to promote sustainability.

Experience the Difference with Our Services

Optimize your electronic waste disposal with our specialized services. Trust us for efficient, eco-friendly solutions that make a real impact. Experience the difference today!

Problem Solving

EWOUR offers innovative problem-solving for e-waste management. Our solutions encompass efficient collection, recycling, and disposal methods, ensuring environmental sustainability while meeting regulatory requirements. Experience our expertise today.

Time Management

EWOUR excels in time management for e-waste services. With streamlined processes from collection to recycling, we ensure prompt and efficient handling of electronic waste, maximizing productivity while minimizing environmental impact.

Waste Reduction

We prioritizes waste reduction in e-waste management. Through innovative recycling techniques and sustainable practices, we minimize the environmental footprint of electronic waste, contributing to a greener future for all.

Team Work

EWOUR's teamwork drives e-waste management success. Collaborating seamlessly, we deliver efficient solutions for a sustainable future.

Fulfilment of EPR Liabilities

Join The Green Movement

Join the green movement with EWOUR! We’re committed to sustainable e-waste management, offering innovative solutions that reduce environmental impact. Together, let’s make a difference and pave the way for a greener tomorrow.

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